Best tattoo studio tattoo in bali since 2017, About Expert ink, Expert ink has tattoo artists who are very experienced with more than 10 years of work
Expert ink also provides the best service for those of you who like to create beautiful images on skin.
This tattoo studio is owned by Indonesian people and is originally from the Lion King of Bali which has a great management system so that it can bring Expert Ink to this day.
You don’t need to hesitate to make memories with expert ink because all the equipment is very professional, you could even say this is a truly beautiful premium tattoo.

Expert Ink is a tattoo studio unlike any other with reputable artists skilled in many tattoo genres utilising quality products to create your

Personalised masterpiece, leaving you 100% satisfied every time.

Expert ink is also present on every social media that exists today and even has an official website which you can visit at
A healthy studio and friendly service are the main things we provide to customers who want to make memories with Expert ink

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